Innovating the Cash Industry

Global Cash Solutions (GCS) specialises in industrial automation. We optimise cash processing in cash centres.
Our innovations achieve high cost savings for Central and Commercial Banks and CIT companies.

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Global Cash Solutions

About us

Industrial Automation of inbound cash deposits, storage, and outbound cash orders

Innovating the Cash Industry

We have an in depth knowledge of cash centre processes:

  • Deposits: all processes around counting banknotes
  • Storage: storage of banknotes, whether loose, strapped or bundled
  • Orders: all processes around picking and packing of banknotes, whether loose, strapped or bundled.

Global Cash Solutions optimises these processes. We provide industrially automated solutions that improve your efficiency by reducing staff costs, and improve your quality by reducing errors, resulting in more satisfied customers.

Solution Development and Integration

Together with you and our strategic partners, we design, develop, implement and support the solution according your requirements.

View our Taxidia™ order solution.

Unique Innovation

Our solutions are unique in the global cash industry and appreciated by our customers.

See NEWS for the innovation competitions in which we are finalist!

Unique Features

  • Automated handling of loose banknotes and straps (100).
  • Patented:
    • Columns, for straps
    • ATM Buffer Units, for loose notes
  • Vision verification system for all banknotes in the world, also strapped banknotes → 100% quality
  • Up to 80% cost reduction!
From Design to Support


Industrial Automation of inbound cash deposits, storage, and outbound cash orders

TAXIDIA™ - Multi Currency Orders

Taxidia™ is our automated order packing solution for both loose banknotes & straps of 100 banknotes, multi-currency.


We have unique engineering skills and expertise, and we deliver.

SCORE™ - Single Currency Orders

SCORE™ is our automated order picking and packing solution for strapped banknotes, single-currency.


GCS acts as main contractor and integrator for E2E solution design, development and implementation, and works together with the best of breed international partners.


We will design and develop a solution that will match your specific needs.


Together with our international partners, we provide you with a support package that fits your needs.

Global Cash Solutions


Industrial Automation of inbound cash deposits, storage, and outbound cash orders


With manual intervention reduced to a minimum and stringent quality, integrity and audit checks, the opportunity for shrinkage is greatly reduced.


With much reduced manual handling, staff costs are significantly reduced and can be expected to be up to 80%.


Our solutions significantly reduce error rates operating to Six Sigma standards.


We have invested our resources, technology and capital to create a unique and innovative solution.


We can adapt to all kinds of configurations using single or multi-currency banknotes, either loose or strapped.


Together with Travelex, we have established the genesis of a new generation of cash centre automation.

Global Cash Solutions


Industrial Automation of inbound cash deposits, storage, and outbound cash orders

August 2015

BAI Innovation Finalist

Our Taxidia™ cash order solution is in the finals again, this time in the global contest of the Bank Administration Institute!

May 2015

IACA Innovation Finalist

Our Taxidia™ cash order solution finished in the top 3 of IACA’s Excellence In Currency Award!

February 2015

Travelex present cost savings

Jens Seidl, Director Wholesale Banknotes and Cash Operations, speaks about achieved cost savings, using GCS’s Taxidia™ solution.